Matt’s Ware Store- porcelaneous stoneware

My porcelaneous stoneware is beaten and prodded with paddles and sticks in and over wood and bisque molds. The work is passion inspired by nature and historical imagery, mixed with brute force and time management. My marks are the physical manifestation of time, like layers in the earths strata or wrinkles on ones face.

I love the utility of ceramics objects and the additional layer of complexity this adds to my art.

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6″x6″x2″ tray, great for holding your keys to holding olives for cocktails
$50.00 6″x6″x1.5″. Reminiscent to foliage seen hiking and camping, this tray is a great accent to any table.
$300.00 for set of 6pcs. Usually $60.00 each. 5″x5″x2″
$55.00 6oz. Small cup ready to hold the most precious liquid.
$55.00 6oz. Cup.Great for your favorite beverage.
$120.00 9″vase. Just add a frog and any flowers you want to showcase.
$175.00 6″x6″x10″ Lidded box. Rustic and ready to hold any special items. Not for acidic or liquid foods.