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Dogwood series


The wildflowers I find hiking and camping in and around Virginia inspire my imagery. So far, this series includes Bloodroot, Dogwood, Redbud and Trillium designs.  email hardwickhandmade@gmail.com to order from this series.

American Oribe

American Oribe Series


For centuries the Japanese have created a series of dinnerware called Oribeware. My version is inspired by this work and is made up of  3 essential aspects- black line drawings on a white background, bold spaces filled with color and a realistic element – pictured in this image as dogwood blossoms. To order a piece in this style please email hardwickhandmade@gmail.com


Polygeo Series


Iznik and Persian pottery led me to create this line of colorful geometric designs. Each piece is unique, but the color palette connects each place setting together. To order any items in the Polygeo Series, please email hardwickhandmade@gmail.com


Hiker Dinner plate


Landscapes of mountains, beaches and the James River are shown in this series. Plates, mugs and bowls can be covered front and back with lively expressionist depictions of nature. Enjoy! To order pieces in this series please email hardwickhandmade@gmail.com

Little People

Fantasy Land Series


Gnomes show up in this landscape series. Usually one on both the front/back and inside/outside. Once found, the surprise and delight. Ever since I was young I  enjoyed the little people and the stories they elicit. To order a piece from this series contact me by email at hardwickhandmade@gmail.com

Green Sea Turtles

Green Turtle Series


Over the years I have been lucky to not only travel to Hawaii, but also see native green sea turtles frolicking in the waves. I have swum with them and watched as they eat algae and sleep on the beach. They are such a peaceful creature it is a joy to be around them. To order from this series email hardwickhandmade@gmail.com and indicate what pieces you are interested in.

Eastern Songbirds

Eastern Songbird Series

Eastern Songbirds is a new series that includes the Chickadee, Titmouse, Goldfinch, Red-Headed Woodpecker and Cardinal. From my yard to your house this series is in dept to the suburban garden and all the individuals who feed the birds. Email hardwickhandmade@gmail.com to order.

Want to Order?- email hardwickhandmade@gmail.com

Order by piece or place setting. Pricing is by piece and is listed below.

Though some imagery calls for a specific background color, most can have the background color changed or altered.

The background color palette includes black and white, dark yellow, bright yellow, sea green, hemlock green,  olive green, chartreuse green, dark blue, turquoise blue, dark red, bright red, dark orange, light orange, saturn orange, gold brown, wood brown, violet, lavender, pink, fleshy pink and sage grey. Some colors are mixable, so ask if you have a preference or a color to avoid.

Each piece is handmade and hand painted, so though similar in appearance each piece will be unique. Choose from the following dinnerware pieces:

Soup/Salad Bowl                          6-7″ diameter x 4″ tall                                 $65.00
Mug                                                     4-5″ diameter x 5-6″ tall                            $55.00
Dessert/Bread Plate                   5-6″ diameter x 1″ tall                                 $45.00
Dinner Plate                                    11-12″ diameter x 2″ tall                             $95.00
Lunch Plate                                     8-9″ diameter x 1″ tall                                 $75.00
Medium Bowl                                 11-12″ diameter x 8″ tall                           $120.00
Large Bowl                                      13-14″ diameter x 12″ tall                        $180.00
Platter                                                18″ long x 12-13″ across x 2″ tall         $210.00

Prices include tax and free shipping in the Continental United States.

Below are additional images of the pottery and prices to give a better idea of the size and cost of the work.

American Oribe Dinner Plate $95.00
Polygeo Dinner Plate $95.00, Soup/Salad Bow $65.00l & Mug $55.00
Dogwood Blossom Dinner Plate $95.00
Gnome Mug $55.00
James River Dessert/Bread Plate $45.00 and Mug $55.00