Colorful Earthenware Store

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Choose from the following designs:

American Oribe
Dogwood Blossoms
Bloodroot flowers
Trillium flowers
Space Odyssey
Fish & Ships
James River

Choose from the following dinnerware pieces:

Soup/Salad Bowl $65.00
Mug $55.00
Dessert/Bread Plate $45.00
Dinner Plate $95.00
Lunch Plate $75.00

American Oribe Dinner Plate $95.00
Polygeo Dinner Plate $95.00, Soup/Salad Bow $65.00l & Mug $55.00
Dogwood Blossom Dinner Plate $95.00
Gnome Mug $55.00
James River Dessert/Bread Plate $45.00 and Mug $55.00