New Work from the kiln

I just fired 3 times and got a bunch of new work out of the kiln. I concentrated on my background imagery, wanting a since of depth in my work. I used layers and to a certain extent- contrasting colors to achieve the look you will see in the few pics I am posting.

Please, comment on any ideas or criticism you have of my new work. I can’t say that I will use it in my next firing, but all creative input is appreciated.

13″ Dinner plate with oak leaves and acorns
!3″ Dinner plate with Polygeo design
13″ Dinner plate with abstract design
13oz. mug with Chickadee in the snow

This Little Beauty

This little beauty was just accept in a national show in Humboldt, TN. The show is called Conductivity: The many faces of Copper in Ceramics. The piece I got in the show is unglazed on the outside with a copper green glaze inside- Shaner Oribe. The piece is a dessert bowl.

Website update

Oh yeah, as soon as I figure out about widgits and plugins I’ll be adding more features to this website. I was trying to put a footer widgit on my store and connect it to Paypal, but I’m still in the trial stages, so I haven’t saved those changes, but I’m close.