Hardwick Handmade

Playful, yet elegant dinnerware for everyday use.

Thank you for visiting this site dedicated to Matthew Hardwick’s pottery, experiences and inspirations. For purchasing pottery, please go to Clay Store for a “How to purchase explanation” and the Clay Store drop down menu to view different pottery options ready for purchase. Here is a sample that came out of the kiln recently.

Stack of dessert bowls
Pineapple Pattern mug
Polychrome Plank series mug
Sample tested in multiple durability tests
detail of green waffle tray
Trillium Flower mug
The backs of multiple series of bread/dessert plates
Sample tested in multiple durability tests
Earthenware bread/dessert plates
Polygeo series mug
James River mug
Bourbon/Sake/Tea cups

My work is a culmination of over 20years working in clay, acrylic painting and design. Hardwick Handmade pottery is handmade, mostly wheel thrown earthenware work with lively color and design hand painted before glazed clear with a food safe durable glaze. Painted by hand, each piece is one of a kind with the intent that each series looks similar in shape and design.

The color palette I have created crosses over individual pieces. Feel free to mix and match different series, collect individual place settings or collect an entire set.

Most of all, have fun with it and enjoy the work!

Inspiration comes from many directions. I try my best to observe the world around me. A combination of colors or a set of patterns may end up painted on my earthenware dinnerware or certain textures may be pounded into my porcelaineous wood and salt fired Matt’s Ware.