My Kickstarter Campaign has now been active for three days.

Please, check it out if you are interested in supporting my pottery or just want to help create a new small business.

Welcome to Hardwick Handmade, a pottery in Richmond, Virginia.

All pottery is hand made and hand painted by Matthew Hardwick. A colorful palette of bright underglazes depict designs and images which cover the front and back of each piece of pottery.

Each piece is food and dishwasher safe and will ship for FREE to all domestic US addresses. Outer US and other worldly destinations will ship for cost.

Matthew has over 30 years experience in manufacturing and production. I hope you like what you see.

This site is under construction, but a store will surface again soon.

I hope you love the work as much as I do. Thanks!


To purchase pottery, please contact Matthew Hardwick at hardwickhandmade@gmail.com

Choose from the following designs:

American Oribe
Dogwood Blossoms
Bloodroot flowers
Trillium flowers
Space Odyssey
Fish & Ships
James River

Choose from the following dinnerware pieces:

Soup/Salad Bowl $65.00
Mug $55.00
Dessert/Bread Plate $45.00
Dinner Plate $95.00
Lunch Plate $75.00

American Oribe Dinner Plate $95.00
Polygeo Dinner Plate $95.00, Soup/Salad Bow $65.00l & Mug $55.00
Dogwood Blossom Dinner Plate $95.00
Gnome Mug $55.00
James River Dessert/Bread Plate $45.00 and Mug $55.00



Matthew Hardwick spent 15 years in Santa Fe, New Mexico honing his skills in manufacturing and production. He worked at multiple potteries where he established his knowledge of making and designing pottery. In 2001 he received a Masters degree in Art from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he studied ceramics for 3 years. Afterwards he moved back to Santa Fe and reestablished his pottery career. While there, he spent 6 years working in manufacturing where he remotely managed an office in Northern China. Currently, he has moved back to Virginia where he was born and raised to be close to friends and family.

Pottery is not just something Matthew does- It is a passion- an obsession. Please, see my CV for more information.

CV – Website Copy


Kickstarter is going GREAT!

Thanks so much for all of your pledges and support. It really means alot to me. I have dreamed about having a studio and retail space for so long and your commitment has helped me realize that dream. I appreciate the help.

Website update

Oh yeah, as soon as I figure out about widgits and plugins I’ll be adding more features to this website. I was trying to put a footer widgit on my store and connect it to Paypal, but I’m still in the trial stages, so I haven’t saved those changes, but I’m close.


Please, write hardwickhandmade@gmail.com to order any pottery seen on this website. Some items are ready to ship, others will need some time to sit down at the wheel and start the process.