Student Work

These two plates were made by a middle school student in an after school program that ran 2-3 days a week for 6 months in the Aspen Community School, Aspen, CO.

Majolica Plate
Majolica Plate

The tiles were made during after school activities at the Aspen Community School in Aspen, CO. Some were by kindergarteners and first graders and others by adults. The pinch pot was made at the Sheldon Museum of Art in Lincoln, NE during a weekend workshop where I worked with young kids (pre-school to 2nd grade).

Underglaze tiles with clear overglaze
Pinched pot- Salt Glazed

These pieces were made in an Introduction to Hand-building class at Santa Fe Clay in Santa Fe, NM

Reduction fired cone 10 with inset mirror.
Reduction cone 10 trivet

Two different students opted to learn throwing in my Beginning Ceramics class at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. They did a great job for a 1 semester class for non-majors.

Strontium glaze in reduction cone 10 gas kiln
Reduction fired cone 10 gas

These two drawings were for the same project in Intermediate Drawing at the Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln in Lincoln, NE. The one on the left is pencil and the one on the right is brush with ink.

Perspective drawing project
Perspective drawing project

The 2 below are also, from my Intermediate Drawing course at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Contour drawing project
Fantasy drawing project

This Intermediate Drawing student had never drawn on paper, coming from an interior design computer background.

On site Landscape drawing project

My final drawing project had several interpretations as can be seen below by 3 different students.

Final drawing project
Final drawing project
Final drawing project