Ceramic Material Log

Ceramic Material Log

This is an ongoing log of clay materials and firings to compile the information I have collected over the 20 years making pottery. I would love to make this into a book at some point, but until that happens, here it is for all to see and investigate.

My Initial thought is to split this into clay, glaze and firing sections and organize as I go, but I’ve decided to see what I input first and then I will organize them later. So please understand that this is not in a particular order at present.

In my view, clay and glaze are the same materials organized in different percentages with different chemical bonds that satisfy specific requirements to enable desired results. Clay is usually the substance of ceramics or the solid form and glaze is the coating in or around it, but as the art of ceramics grows this perception is being challenged.

What is Clay and Glaze?

Flashing Clay Bodies


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