Oahu Vacation

Sunset in Waiamae
The sun burst through the clouds
I love the sun spots left on the water

Yes, I made it back to paradise.

Oahu, North Shore

I didn’t know if it would ever happen. I’ve not been in Hawaii for 8 or 9 years.

Sunset, Waiamae

It was uncanny how the sun smiled upon us for 2 weeks. Only 2 days of rain,

Just north of Makaha Beach on the west side of Oahu

You can see the surfers and homeless in tents on the beach in the background. A dream come true…

USS Arizona
USS Arizona at Pearl harbor

No, it isn’t all fun and games in Hawaii. There are some serious aspects that need addressing. Pearl Harbor is a good reality check.

But there is always the sun. The sun keeps smiling in Hawaii.

Look at the sun as it pierces this wave

The sun is not alone out there, but it is dramatic. The water is just as beautiful.

But it is always back to the sun…