RVA International Folk Festival 2017

I was lucky enough to go to the RVA Folk Festival this past weekend. I was so psyched to see all the different musicians and hear what their traditions and cultures had to offer.

My favorite was the Go-Go band Bella Donna from Washington, D.C. They not only sounded great, but had the stage presents to get the whole tent rocking. What a performance on Saturday night.

Bella Donna singer
Guitar player for Bella Donna









The whole weekend was awesome and I hope to have gotten some information from the Army Jazz Band to get some pictures of my Grandfather. More on that if anything materializes.


Bitoo Snger from Cabo Verde
Bitoo Snger from Cabo Verde with angle iron instrument







Last Harvest

Well, is it really my last harvest? No, but it is close. It is supposed to get to thirty eight degrees tonight, so the garden is about done for the year. I had some good results with tomatoes and tomatillos and they tasted great too. I also had some chilli peppers come up and here are just a few of them. I should have another round  before long. In the pic are cherry tomatoes, trinidad scorpion chillies, a ghost chilli and one tomatillo.

PS- My dog ate all of my tomatoes and my tomatillo, but didn’t eat the peppers. Smart dog!

Last Harvest of 2017 garden

Washington Nationals make the playoffs

My father is a big Nationals baseball fan and he has gotten me interested in professional baseball. Over the past few years he has gotten me to go to several games with him. It is a great avenue for the 2 of us to connect, so I’m all for it.

He landed 2 tickets for game 1 and game 2 of the playoffs and invited me to go with him. I was super excited. Here is a pic of us at game 2 which is the one they won. Yeah.

Both games were difficult for me to watch as game 1 was scoreless and game 2 they didn’t win until the 8th inning which is very frustrating, but it is great they pulled it off.

New Work from the kiln

I just fired 3 times and got a bunch of new work out of the kiln. I concentrated on my background imagery, wanting a since of depth in my work. I used layers and to a certain extent- contrasting colors to achieve the look you will see in the few pics I am posting.

Please, comment on any ideas or criticism you have of my new work. I can’t say that I will use it in my next firing, but all creative input is appreciated.

13″ Dinner plate with oak leaves and acorns
!3″ Dinner plate with Polygeo design
13″ Dinner plate with abstract design
13oz. mug with Chickadee in the snow

Pottery Break

I had to stop making work as I cut my finger at work last week. It is amazing how a small injury can be so annoying and inconvenient.  I didn’t get any stitches, but the doc said I shouldn’t  get it wet which limits my pottery making. Also, I type an x every time I want to type a c. Needless to say, that is quite annoying.

I should be up and running (potting) next week. I hope…


Kickstarter Ended Unsuccessfully

Well, back to the drawing board.

On the good side, I was introduced to some great people that are interested in helping me create a pottery, so I’m very psyched that happened.

I will continue to make earthenware pottery and show them in and around Virginia. I will also continue to make my wood fired textural pottery and show it internationally.

Thank you all that helped promote and pledged to fund my Kickstarter. It was humbling and motivating to see so many people I don’t know interested in my pottery. Creating a studio/retail space is not over. This is just the beginning…


Free Pottery Giveaway

Giveaway on Instagram. If you are on it, look me up to win.

My Instagram account- hardwickhandmade has a giveaway until 8/21 when the winner will be announced of this brightly colored mug. Read and follow the directions on the image above to win. It is food and dishwasher safe. 13oz and ready for your favorite beverage.

Free shipping is offered in the continental US.

Link to my Instagram page is on my home page at the bottom.

Good Luck.

This Little Beauty

This little beauty was just accept in a national show in Humboldt, TN. The show is called Conductivity: The many faces of Copper in Ceramics. The piece I got in the show is unglazed on the outside with a copper green glaze inside- Shaner Oribe. The piece is a dessert bowl.

Kickstarter pledges are at 5%

Thanks you so much for going to Kickstarter .com and pledging thousands of dollars for a new studio/retail space for a year. I really appreciate it and with more of the same I should be able to have a pottery up and running in no time. Without you this wouldn’t be possible. Thanks again.


Kickstarter is going GREAT!

Thanks so much for all of your pledges and support. It really means alot to me. I have dreamed about having a studio and retail space for so long and your commitment has helped me realize that dream.

I appreciate the help.