New Work is out and in process

Green Turtle Dinnerware set

I’m having a great time working on designs inspired by my recent trips to the National Gallery in DC and the VMFA, here in Richmond. Mostly, abstract work have been coming out of my head, but some new motifs are out that are based on realism.

Each kiln load spurs me on to create new designs. I feed of small areas where brush strokes and stamped color collide and promise new material for the next piece.


As the holidays are approaching I have created a new series of snow person mugs where I really got into the background abstraction, trying to represent a landscape. It felt to me that I was creating slipware which I am inspired by as I enjoy the different historical representations and designs.

Also, I have made more Gnome pieces. I think they represent the Christmas spirit well and I like the childhood memories they bring back when I paint them.

Gnome lunch plate and mug

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