Woodfired Pottery in Richmond, VA

My friends Mike and Alex have fired their woodfired kiln at Tree Hill Pottery in Varina, Va which is just south of Richmond, VA off of Route 5, down on the James River.

I have been reading about the area and have found it has a historical connection with pottery. Back in the late 1700’s potters from New England and New York relocated along the James River, dug clay from large deposits located there and made utilitarian ware on location. They then sold it in the Richmond, VA area.

In one article listed in Ceramic Review, Thomas Jefferson purchased pottery from the area.

This historical information is very interesting to me and the pots they made are quite beautiful. For some reason, I really like thinking about these things. When I get a chance I’m going to go dig clay.

Soon I’ll post some pictures from the latest firing.

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