Throwing Pottery on Treadle Wheel

Back in the ’90’s I worked in Woody Creek, Colorado at the Aspen Community School. I did after school programs in organic gardening, resource efficient construction and pottery.

While I was there I used a treadle wheel to make pottery which is not electric. You kick it and make the wheel head spin.

It is a great way to connect with the rhythm of making pottery. I loved doing it, but no longer have access to a treadle wheel and they are expensive to purchase. I think they go for $3000 nowadays.


2 Replies to “Throwing Pottery on Treadle Wheel”

  1. Do you teach how to make pottery dishes, etc.?
    If not, is there a recommended school or instructor that you may know?

    1. You might look at the visual art center in Richmond, VA. They have several that are good. I really like Alex Johnson, but I don’t know how often he teaches classes there. I hope that helps,


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